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Best Credit Repair Companies In Colorado

Although Colorado has one of the highest credit scores by state, it is also the seventh fastest-growing state in America, meaning its cost of living has been on the rise. When the cost of living goes up, it usually means a decrease in credit scores for some people as they begin to dip into their available credit to cover daily costs.

Not only can a poor credit score stop you from qualifying for a mortgage, line of credit, or credit card, but it can also result in higher than average interest rates on any loans you are approved for. If a poor credit score is starting to affect your life, it may be time to think about contracting the services of a credit repair company. That being said, not all credit repair companies in Colorado offer quality results, and it is important to pick a top-rated company, something we will explore in greater depth below.

First Look At The Best Credit Repair Companies In Colorado

  1. Best Overall: Credit Saint
  2. Runner-Up Best Overall: Denver Credit Repair Services
  3. Best Value: Credit Glory
  4. Most Flexible: The Credit People
  5. Most Services Offered: Major League Credit and Lending

1. Credit Saint – Best Overall

Even though Colorado is a hot spot for credit repair companies, and consumers have plenty of options, Credit Saints comes out ahead of the pack as the most robust and comprehensive credit repair company in Colorado.

Initially founded in 2004, this New Jersey-based company quickly became noticed for its high level of transparency and unmatched aggressiveness when correcting errors and eliminating damaging information from consumer credit reports. Their success in this field eventually allowed them to offer their services all around mainland America, and to this day, Credit Saints has helped tens of thousands of people fix and monitor their credit scores.

When signing up for a credit repair package with Credit Saints, customers have three options to choose from, which include:

Credit Polish: The Credit Polish plan, which comes with a fee of 79.99/month, is the best option for individuals who require an entry-level credit repair package. With the Credit Polish plan, users can expect to have a maximum of five disputes corrected per dispute cycle.

Credit Remodel: For those who require a more aggressive approach than the five disputes per cycle offered by the credit polish plan, the Credit Remodel plan is the way to go. Along with Experian credit monitoring, users will also be able to undergo ten disputes per cycle, allowing them to repair their credit score at a much faster rate, all at the cost of $99/month.

Clean Slate: If your credit report needs a serious overhaul, the Clean Slate package is right for you. Although much more expensive than the Credit Polish plan, the Clean Slate package allows for an unlimited number of disputes per cycle and comes with comprehensive credit score monitoring and score analysis. Those looking to sign up for the clean slate package can expect to pay $199/month for this service.


  • 90-day back guarantee
  • A- rating with the BBB
  • Free consultation process
  • No hidden fees and transparent pricing
  • All plans lodge challenges to all three credit bureaus


  • The $99 initial work fee may be high for some

2. Denver Credit Repair Services – Runner Up Best Overall

Filling in the runner-up position is the Colorado-based Denver Credit Repair Services. Like other Colorado credit repair companies, Denver Credit Repair Services helps their clients improve their credit score by meticulously reviewing their report and looking for mistakes, incorrectly reported items, and collection notices that are still lingering on the account. Once these mistakes have been identified, a dispute is made with one or more of the top three credit bureaus in hopes that the errors will be corrected or removed.

Although not currently accredited with the BBB, Denver Credit Repair Services does guarantee results within 60 to 90 days and does offer a money-back guarantee should you find yourself unsatisfied with the results.

The major downside to this Colorado credit repair company is that they don’t have a set price for their services. Instead, they ask potential clients to undergo a free review process in which their credit score, history, and details are examined in depth. Once this has been done, the individual will receive a quote for their monthly services.


  • Good customer ratings
  • Free consultation process
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No rating with the BBB
  • Pricing is not transparent

3. Credit Glory – Best Value

Credit Glory is another top credit repair company in Colorado and is known for its quality service at a reasonable price. Unlike some other credit repair companies, Credit Glory charges a flat rate of $99/month regardless of how many, or how few, errors are on your credit report. However, their services come with a $199 initial fee which is much higher than most other competitors. Even with their higher than average initial work fee, Credit Glory is still one of the top credit repair companies in Denver, Colorado.

On the plus side, Credit glory does hold an A rating with the BBB, and their credit repair experts are all FICO certified. On top of this, the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee, although this only applies if Credit Glory fails to find any errors or incorrectly reported items on your credit report.


  • A rating with the BBB
  • A flat $99/month fee offers high value for some
  • FICO certified credit experts


  • $199 initial work fee is much higher than the industry standard
  • The 90-day money-back guarantee only applies if no errors are found

4. The Credit People – Most Flexible

With over 20 years of experience, The Credit People is one of the best credit repair companies in Colorado, offering their customers top-quality service with a high degree of flexibility. For starters, The Credit People do not impose a minimum enrollment period (as some other top credit repair companies in Colorado do) and don’t charge an initial work fee. On top of this, the company offers clients a pay-as-you-go plan or a 6-month upfront plan. The month-by-month plan costs $79, whereas the six-month comes at the cost of $419. Both plans offer the same level of service.


  • Pay as you go option available
  • No initial work fee
  • No minimum service commitment – users can cancel at any time they want.


  • Not accredited with the BBB
  • The six-month plan offers little savings compared to the month by month plan

5. Major League Credit and Lending – Most Services Offered

Sometimes, people may need a consolidation loan to help with their credit repair, a service that not many credit repair companies offer. Fortunately, the Denver-based credit repair company Major League Credit and Lending does.

When it comes to the credit repair portion of their services, Major League Credit and Lending offers a wide variety of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Online budgeting tool
  • Daily credit monitoring
  • $1 million in fraud insurance
  • Credit score tracker
  • Online budgeting tool
  • Up to 3 credit disputes per cycle
  • Debt and wealth-building educational materials

To receive these services, along with the investigation and dispute process offered by all credit repair companies, customers can expect to pay $99/month. However, it should be noted that Major League Credit and Loans charges an initial work/enrollment fee of $289, which is significantly higher than other top credit repair companies in Colorado. Aside from this, the company offers a 120-day money back guarantee if they are unable to remove any items from your credit report.


  • Financing options available along with credit repair services
  • 120-day money-back guarantee if no items are removed
  • A good assortment of tools and services offered to clients


  • Not accredited with the BBB
  • The initial work fee of $289 is much higher than the industry standard
  • Only three disputes allowed per cycle

Our Methodology

When compiling this list of the best credit repair companies in Colorado, we took several criteria into account. After all, a list is only as relevant as the information and data used to create it. As such, it is worth taking a moment to briefly cover how we went about choosing the top credit repair companies in Colorado.

Reviews and Reputation: Reviews written by past customers are one of the best ways to gauge how effective a credit repair company is at improving their clients’ credit scores. While there are several avenues through which one can do this, some sites are better than others.

When creating this list, we looked at reviews written on the BBB website, Trust Pilot, Reddit, and other social media sites. On top of this, we paid particular attention to reviews in which the writer was a verified customer of the company in question.

Offers A Money-Back Guarantee: While not all of the best credit repair companies offer a money-back guarantee, most do. When a company is willing to offer their customers a full refund if they are unsatisfied, it is a good indication that the company in question stands behind its service.

Follow The Rules Defined By The CROA: The Credit Organization Act (or CROA for short) lays out in no uncertain terms what a credit repair company can offer, charge, and promise their customers. For example, the CROA forbids companies from making inflated promises they can’t keep and also requires all debt repair companies to provide their clients with a detailed contract outlining all the services they will provide. Companies that fail to abide by the CROA are exempt from any list of top credit repair companies.

Customer Support: When it comes to matters concerning credit, customer service is of extreme importance. As a result, we only include companies with a history of providing quality customer support to their clients.

Regions Covered: Obviously, the geographic area that a company services is of great importance when creating a list covering the top debt repair companies in Colorado. If the company is not located within the state of Colorado, or does not provide services to Colorado residents, they were not considered.


What is the average credit score in Colorado?

The average credit score for people residing in Colorado is 714, which, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, is higher than average when compared with other states.

What is the best debt repair company in Colorado?

Because of the quality of their results and the aggressiveness with which they look for errors in consumer credit reports, Credit Saint is the best debt repair company in Colorado.

Does a debt repair company have to be accredited with the BBB to be considered?

Although it is often preferable that a debt repair company is accredited with the BBB, many top credit repair companies are not. The decision to become accredited or not ultimately lies with the company itself, and not all see the benefit of doing so.

What questions should I ask when choosing a credit repair company in Colorado?

  • Do you follow CROA guidelines?
  • Are there any hidden fees associated with your services?
  • Are you BBB accredited, and if not, why?
  • How long until I can expect to see results?
  • What is a realistic outcome I can hope for?


If you’re one of the many Colorado residents struggling to get approved because of a poor credit score, it may be time to consider contracting the services of a reputable credit repair company such as those listed in this article. Remember, the longer you choose to do nothing about your ailing credit score, the worse it will get.


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