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Best Credit Repair Companies in New York

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New York offers so much in terms of business establishments and there are lots to choose from with regards to credit repair. If you seek help in getting your credit fixed, the smartest move is to acquire the services of a credit repair company. An efficient choice should be able to repair inaccurate items on your credit report. If you hesitate by thinking that you can do this by yourself, consider the benefits that a credit repair company can provide and the results that they entail. The best credit repair companies help clients out by performing important tasks and producing results on your credit report.

If you can’t decide on which ones provide effective solutions, we came up with the best credit repair companies in New York. Our selections were based on multiple considerations such as reputation, longevity, value, etc. So, if you are in dire need of credit repair, read along to get you started with your journey!

Best Credit Repair Companies in New York

  1. Best Overall: Credit Saint
  2. Runner-Up Best Overall: American Credit Debt Solutions
  3. Most Customizable Plan: Credit Repair Plus
  4. Best For Monitoring: Buffalo Credit Repair LLC
  5. Best Value: Churchill Credit Solutions
  6. Most Experienced: Consumer Credit Counseling Service

1. Credit Saint – Best Overall

When we talk about the best credit repair companies in New York, Credit Saint is always the first on the list. This company has been providing assistance since 2004 and has established and maintained a great reputation until today. We chose Credit Saint as the best overall because of their dominance in multiple factors such as efficiency, value, and experience. They offer unparalleled service and this is evidently seen in so many reviews posted all over the internet. As of this writing, Credit Saint has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since 2007.

The company has three credit packages to choose from. They are the Credit Polish package, the Credit Remodel package, and the Clean Slate Package. The monthly costs range from $79 to $195 and they have first work fees that range from $99 to $195. When you compare this to other credit repair companies, these are average rates. Credit Saint also offers their clients a free Experian credit score tracker on all three packages. This free credit score tracker is uncommon and that makes choosing Credit Saint a smart move. In spite of the company’s great reputation, they still offer a 90-day money-back guarantee along with an initial free consultation with a credit repair expert.


  • Consistent A Rating from the BBB
  • Customized Dispute Letters
  • Transparent Pricing


  • Set-up Fees

To get started with Credit Saint, check out their website. From here you will get a free credit consultation schedule. Credit Saint has become elite among the best credit repair companies in New York due to its well-established reputation, impressive longevity of business operations, value-added services, and decent pricing.

2. American Credit Debt Solutions Runner-Up, Best Overall

The second-placer or runner-up among the best credit repair companies in New York is American Credit Debt Solutions. Honestly, no company can beat Credit Saint but this is the next best choice in New York City. They serve businesses and individuals via their full credit restoration services such as debt settlements, line-by-line credit report evaluation, and challenging inaccurate and obsolete items that affect credit scores negatively. American Credit Debt Solutions has a program that helps with credit management inquiries and they also offer financial coaching services.


  • Full Credit Restoration Services
  • Offer Financial Coaching Services


  • Not BBB Accredited

To get started with American Credit Debt Solutions, check out their website.

3. Credit Repair Plus Most Customizable Plan

We chose Credit Plus as one of the best credit repair companies in New York because they offer customizable plans. Once you get on their program, a credit expert will help you out and establish a custom plan to remove your inaccurate items from your credit reports in accordance with the HIPAA, FCRA, FCBA, and other consumer laws. Credit Repair Plus has been providing their services in New York since 2007. Free consultation is available from the get-go. The company will write and send dispute letters to major credit bureaus to fix the credit report of clients. In addition to this, they also offer an identity optimization service that can protect the personal information of clients and dispute questionable credit inquiries.


  • Customized Plan


  • Not BBB Accredited

To get started with Credit Repair Plus, you can check out their website. Choosing Credit Repair Plus is a smart decision if you aim for a company that can offer a nice customizable plan.

4. Buffalo Credit Repair LLC – Best for Monitoring

Among the best credit repair companies in New York, we chose Buffalo Credit Repair LLC as the best for monitoring because clients will have real time access on their progress via a 24/7 client portal that presents connected accounts and scores. This is an impressive feature that clients will love because monitoring progress is essential especially if you want immediate credit report improvement. Buffalo Credit Repair LLC helps clients by formulating a plan to remove negative accounts from record. They do this via settlement agreements and bolstering the presence of positive events. In addition to their credit repair services, Buffalo Credit Repair LLC also provides credit coaching services to help clients make the best decisions regarding their credit.


  • Real-Time Monitoring via 24/7 Portal
  • A Rating


  • Not BBB Accredited

To get started with Buffalo Credit Repair LLC, you can visit their website. This company is one of the premier credit repair companies in all of Buffalo.

5. Churchill Credit Solutions – Best Value

We considered Churchill Credit Solutions as one of the best credit repair companies in New York because of the value that you can get from their services. They have a performance based approach wherein clients won’t have to pay unless they help resolve your debt. This company has been BBB accredited since 2015 and has an A+ Rating as of this writing. They have experienced financial professionals plus an associated legal network that assists clients in negotiating debt settlements and achieving financial stability. That legal network is highly valuable as it helps factor in a lot of helpful insights and information.


  • Best Value Package
  • A+ Rating
  • BBB Accredited


To get started with Churchill Credit Solutions, you can visit their website. We chose this company to be part of this list because they offer good service for a good value. Credit Saint is still the best among the ones on this list but Churchill Credit Solutions can be one of the next alternatives.

6. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Inc. Most Experienced

We chose Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Inc. as the most experienced credit repair organization in New York because they have been operating for 56 years already. This non profit financial agency has been BBB accredited since 2001 and has an A+ rating as of this writing. Aside from their credit repair service, they also educate and provide counseling to help individuals learn about their finances. The Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Inc. helps with disputing negative items on credit reports. They also work with their client’s creditors to help create a manageable monthly payment plan. We were impressed by their longevity and experience in credit repair. That is why we made sure that they made the list.


  • More than 50 Years of Experience
  • A+ Rating
  • BBB Accredited


To get started with Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Inc, check their website out. This company definitely impresses with their experience and that is why we chose them to be part of this list. Experience is definitely one key consideration.


Is credit repair legal in New York?

Yes. Credit repair laws in New York are in line with U.S. federal laws. New York’s credit repair laws do not permit organizations to create false claims pertaining to their services. No state actually negates the directives of the federal government in terms of credit repair.

Is Repairing Your Credit in New York Safe?

Yes. It is safe as it is protected by the federal laws. Spotting a scammer in the credit repair business is easy because they are the ones who violate the most common laws about credit repair services. In order to have a safe credit repair company search, go for accredited and highly-rated companies such as Credit Saint.

Can You Get a Free Credit Report in New York?

Yes. You can order your free credit report at This is the only website authorized for free credit reports.You can also contact 1-877-322-8228 for your free credit report.

What are the best credit repair companies in New York City?

The best credit repair companies in New York City are the following: Credit Saint, American Credit Debt Solutions, Churchill Credit Solutions, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Credit Advisors Council, Credit Pro Repair, Credit Repair Plus, Credit Servicez, ECG Debt Settlement & Credit Repair, Five Star Group, Premier Credit Plus, Regal Credit Management, Safe Credit Solutions Inc., The Debt Relief Company, Ultra Credit Solutions, and United Settlement.

What are the best credit repair companies in Buffalo?

The best credit repair companies in Buffalo are the following: Credit Saint, Buffalo Credit Repair LLC, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Buffalo, Inc., Graham & Borgese, and My Boss Credit Repair.


What Does the Credit Repair Organizations Act Prohibits?

  • It is prohibited to lie or advise consumers to lie regarding their credit history.
  • It is prohibited to alter the identity of consumers who are applying for an EIN
  • It is prohibited to

Lying or advising consumers to lie about their credit history.

Altering consumers identity, applying for a new EIN or creating a new identity or attempting to obtain false credit history.

Misrepresenting the services they provide.

Asking consumers to pay for services before they have been provided.



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