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Best Credit Repair Companies in Florida

Have you been in search of credit repair help in Florida? You don’t have to worry because there are multiple credit repair companies that you can choose from in the state that can provide answers to your problems. These companies offer efficient service to assist clients in repairing inaccurate items on credit reports. If you don’t have the time to fix your credit problems on your own, the best move is to avail the services of credit repair companies for they have enough expertise to provide results on your behalf.

We selected the best credit repair companies in Florida that could help you out the most whether you are in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, etc. Our top choices are based on multiple considerations that will surely fit your needs.

Best Credit Repair Companies in Florida

  1. Best Overall: Credit Saint
  2. Runner-Up Best Overall: Consumer Debt Counselors, Inc.
  3. Best Value: Clean Slate
  4. Most Experienced: Ovation Credit Services
  5. Best for Financial Tools: The Credit Pros
  6. Best For Married Couples: Pyramid Credit Repair

1. Credit Saint – Best Overall

Credit Saint has done wonders for a lot of clients through the years and has maintained their reputation as a premier credit repair company not just in Florida but also across the United States of America. Their consistent high-ratings given by the BBB has been the reflection of the company’s impressive performance. We chose Credit Saint as the best overall credit repair company in Florida due to its consistency in delivering fruitful results for clients who needed help with their credit reports. The company deserves the number one spot as it bests all the other companies in terms of overall efficiency, value, and consistency combined.

Credit Saint offers packages that have a $79 to $195 monthly cost range as well as a $99 to $195 first work fees. These rates are already average when you compare them to the rates of other credit repair services. Credit Saint’s packages come with a free Experian credit score tracker as well. Other companies rarely offer this based on our recent comparisons. The packages from Credit Saint are the Credit Polish package, the Credit Remodel package, and the Clean Slate Package. One of the best reasons why Credit Saint is a great choice is that despite their reputation and proven track record, they still offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. They also offer free consultation.


  • Consistent High Rating from the BBB
  • Customized Dispute Letters
  • Transparent Pricing


  • Set-up Fees

To get started, check out the website of Credit Saint if you plan to submit an online request. Credit Saint has become the best among the credit repair companies in Florida due to its solid reputation, commendable longevity of business operations, value-added services, and decent pricing.

2. Consumer Debt Counselors, Inc. – Runner-Up, Best Overall

Consumer Debt Counselors is a non-profit organization that helps educate people about essential information on credit scores and assists in addressing financial issues the right way. We chose this company as a runner-up because we consider Credit Saint as the premier company in all of the credit repair companies in Florida. However, Consumer Debt Counselors, Inc. is also impressive. The company has been BBB accredited since 1999 and has an A+ rating as of this writing.

We were impressed with their advocacy towards financial education and assistance. The company also helps clients in guiding them through the home buying process by teaching the proper ways of preparing credit so they can qualify for a future mortgage.


  • BBB Accredited Since 1999
  • A+ Rating

To get started with Consumer Debt Counselors, you can visit their website.

3. Clean Slate Consulting C.R. – Best Value

Clean Slate Consulting Credit Repair is a premier credit repair company based in Miami. They have been our choice for the best value because they not only help people who have credit problems but they also provide expert advice and guidance. Clean Slate Consulting has expert consultants who analyze credit reports in detail before deciding on signing up anyone so that the client will be able to understand what is the best move going forward. This company offers a 12-month program to remove all erroneous, incomplete, outdated, and unverifiable information from credit reports. During this period, Clean Slate Consulting assists in restoring the client’s credit and also helps in monitoring the whole process.

They provide great value by pushing Credit Education. This company teaches clients on how credit works and how to correctly use it. Clean Slate Consulting has partnered with the Buddies’ Network to help clients achieve their dreams like purchasing a home, a car or getting business financing.


  • Advocacy on Credit Education
  • Monitoring

To get started with Clean Slate Consulting, you could book an appointment via their website.

4. Ovation Credit Services – Most Experienced

Ovation Credit Services is owned by Lending Tree and is based in Jacksonville, Florida.  We chose Ovation Credit Services as the most experienced because the company was established in 1976 and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2004. Their years of experience can be a good basis as well as their longevity. Being in the business for that long and still performing well is one commendable factor. That just means that they have established a good reputation in Florida.

They offer two credit repair plans with monthly fees that range from $79 to $109 and first-work fees of $89 for each plan. We consider this as average pricing. Both plans come with a personal case advisor who will assist in customizing the program for a client’s specific credit repair requirements. The only drawback from their packages is that they only offer credit monitoring on their most expensive plan. Another point to ponder on is that they do not have 24/7 support.


  • 45 Years in Business
  • BBB Accredited


  • Credit monitoring only provided with Essential Plus Plan
  • No 24/7 support

To get started with Ovation Credit Services, you can check out the company’s website to sign up for a free consultation.

5. The Credit Pros – Best for Financial Tools

The Credit Pros has an office in West Palm Beach, Florida. They are among the best credit repair companies in Florida due to their financial tools. In addition to this, the company offers to provide clients with an action plan along with a certified FICO professional to help iron out bad credit records. Still, we chose this company because of factors such as the 90-second registration process. When you check out their website, you will immediately notice the user-friendly design. The Credit Pros also offers identity theft restoration.

Their basic package, which is the CreditSentry Monitoring, is at $19 per month. They also have more comprehensive services such as the MoneyManagement package for $69 a month, the Prosperity Package for $119 a month, and the Success Package for $149 a month. These packages come with unique benefits such as budgeting tools, prescription discounts, store lines of credit, and payment reminders,


  • Financial Tools
  • BBB Accredited


  • No money-back guarantee

To get started with The Credit Pros, check out their website to schedule a free consultation.

6. Pyramid Credit Repair – Best for Married Couples

Pyramid Credit Repair is one of the best credit repair companies in Florida for they have suitable services that are perfect for married couples. This company offers clients with credit repair service that comes with a personal account manager who you can contact via phone, e-mail or text. The account manager will work on writing customized dispute letters to the credit bureaus and creditors while you get updated during the whole process. Clients will also have access to an online dashboard where there are resources and updates on credit progress real-time.

Pyramid Credit Repair has two packages: Singles and Couples. The two come with a free assessment where a client can opt for a $99 monthly coverage for singles and a $198 monthly coverage for couples. What makes this company best for married couples is that the couple’s plan comes with a 50% discount on the first month. Both of the plans come with a 100% money-back guarantee and pay-as-you-go services.


  • Great for Couples


  • Not BBB Accredited

To get started with Pyramid Credit Repair, check out their website for their free consultation.


Is credit repair legal in Florida?

Yes. The credit repair laws of Florida do not contradict federal laws. This means that  Florida’s credit repair laws also do not allow organizations to make false claims about their actual services. In addition, no state has regulations that negate the federal government’s directives on credit repair services.

What is the Florida Credit Service Organization Act (FCSOA)?

The Florida Credit Service Organizations Act (FCSOA) was formulated back in 1987 for regulating trade practices in the field of credit repair and also to protect consumers from unfair contracts by credit service companies. The FCSOA includes the requirement of a written statement from a provider to a consumer and the provision for criminal penalties for violations. One important aspect mentioned in this act is that credit repair organizations are prohibited from charging consumers prior to performance of services. The only exception from this is when a provider maintains a trust account and surety bond. The Florida Credit Service Organization Act also prohibits credit service organizations from advising consumers to make deceptive or misleading statements just to acquire credit.

How can I get a free credit report in Florida?

You are entitled to one free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three nationwide credit reporting companies. To get the free report, you can order online via or call 1-877-322-8228. Usually, you will have to provide your full name, address, date of birth, and social security number to verify your identity.

What are the best credit repair companies in Miami?

The best credit repair companies in Miami, Florida are Credit Saint, Credit Cleaner, Clean Slate, Consulting C.R., Credit Level, Credit Repair Solutions, Credit Repair Systems, Inc., Credit Score Restore, Credit360, Debtstoppers, Florida Credit Repair, Great American Credit Repair Company, Increditbleway Inc, Lincoln Credit Improvement, LLC, Madison Monroe & Associates, Maetu Credit, Make A Way Ministries, RME Credit Repair, Safe Credit Solutions Inc., and The Credit Repair Team.

What are the best credit repair companies in Jacksonville?

The best credit repair companies in Jacksonville, Florida are Credit Saint, Consolidation Resource, LLC, Credit Justice Services, Family Foundations, Golden Light Credit Repair, Greepath Debt Solutions, Jacksonville Housing-Credit, Kredair LLC, Law Offices of Keith D. Collier, and Ovation Credit Services, Inc.

What are the best credit repair companies in Orlando?

The best credit repair companies in Orlando, Florida are Credit Saint, Consumer Debt Counselors, Credit Advisors Group, Credit Score Restore, Fidelity Credit Consultants, Inc, Great American Credit Repair Company, Like My Credit, Loyal Credit Solutions Inc, Mr. Credit, My Credit Jump, OpenSky Credit Repair, and Rejuv8, LLC.

What are the best credit repair companies in Tampa?

The best credit repair companies in Tampa, Florida are Credit Saint, American Credit Counseling Service, Approvology, Bill Lavender Credit Restoration – Tampa, CMJ Credit Repair Services LLC., Credit Care Counseling, Credit Chasers, Credit MRI, Credit Repair Today, Debt Relief Legal Group, Degrees of Success, Elite Credit Solutions, ERA Credit Services, Great American Credit Repair Company, Heavencent Credit, and Infinity Consumer Services.

What are the best credit repair companies in Fort Lauderdale?

The best credit repair companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are Credit Saint, Credit Repair Law Firm, Credit Repair Master, Credit360, Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp., Elite Credit Repairs, Florida Credit Repair, Great American Credit Repair Company, LineUp Credit Repair, M Lockhart Credit Repair Services, Maxims Solutions, Miami Credit Repair Company, SW Group Credit Repair, The Credit Repair Fox Inc., Trusted Credit Repair, US Credit Shield, and Velocity Credit Repair.

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