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Best Credit Repair Companies in California

If you are looking for help to get your credit fixed, the best move is to seek the assistance of credit repair companies. They can provide highly beneficial steps to repair inaccurate items on people’s credit reports. Even if you might consider fixing this problem on your own, getting an expert credit professional to help you through the entire process would still be the smartest thing to do. The best credit repair companies will perform the most essential tasks for you and correct the affected factors on your credit report.

To repair credit the right and effective way, it would be critical to choose and work with a well-established company. We checked out the top options and came up with the best credit repair companies in California based on a multitude of factors. Here are our most recommended selections.

Best Credit Repair Companies in California

  1. Best Overall: Credit Saint
  2. Runner-Up Best Overall: Financial Counseling Center
  3. Most Customizable Plan: Fix Your Credit Consulting
  4. Best For Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification: American Credit
  5. Best Value: Sky Blue
  6. Most Experienced: Lexington Law

1. Credit Saint – Best Overall

Founded in 2004, Credit Saint has a great reputation that has lasted for years and that is one factor that makes them stand out from the other credit repair companies in California. They have offices in Oakland and New Jersey. Credit Saint is a BBB-accredited business and has excellent reviews from customers. The reputation of this company precedes itself. Credit Saint is the best overall credit repair company in California because it has a solid and long record of clients who acquired positive results after availing of their service. The success of this company is also highly evident in the consistent A rating given by the Better Business Bureau. As of this writing, Credit Saint has an A- rating.

The company offers three credit repair packages. The first work fees range from $99 to $195 while the monthly costs range from $79 to $195. These are considered average if you compare them to other credit repair companies. Credit Saint offers clients with a free Experian credit score tracker on all of the three plan packages. This is an uncommon offer compared to other companies that we reviewed.

Credit Saint acknowledges that clients have different requirements and that is the reason why they offer three types of packages. The options are the Credit Polish package, the Credit Remodel package, and the Clean Slate Package. In addition, the company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a free consultation with a credit repair expert.


  • Consistent A Rating from the BBB
  • Customized Dispute Letters
  • Transparent Pricing


  • Set-up Fees

To get started, check out the website of Credit Saint if you plan to submit an online request. From here you will get a free credit consultation schedule. Credit Saint has become elite among the best credit repair companies in California due to its solid reputation, commendable longevity of business operations, value-added services, and decent pricing.

2. Financial Counseling Center – Runner-Up, Best Overall

Coming in at second place for the best overall credit repair company in California is the Financial Counseling Center. Their office is located in Los Angeles and has provided credit repair services for more than 32 years. This firm offers detailed evaluations of credit reports and functions to have records on tax issues, foreclosures, bankruptcies, mortgage assistance, late payments, and student loans removed. Their team is composed of certified professionals who can take on loan modifications, judgments, wage garnishments, and also negotiations with creditors. This credit repair company offers credit education services and debt counseling as well. Despite their good reviews, Credit Saints still tops them in all categories.


  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Long Experience


  • Set-up Fees

To get started with Financial Counseling Center, you can sign up for their free credit consultation online. As noted, we chose them as the runner-up best overall credit repair company in California because of their expertise, experience, and reliability.

3. Fix Your Credit Consulting – Most Customizable Plan

Fix Your Credit Consulting has multiple offices in Studio City, San Francisco, and San Diego, California. This credit repair company offers free consultation plus an overall review of clients’ credit scores from the important bureaus to get the actual scope of work required. A credit report is required to avail their free consultation. Lots of sites provide this service but at Fix Your Credit Consulting, they prefer Smart Credit for getting a credit report. They intend to expect results up to 45 days but promise to continue providing service until the score of the client improves.

We considered Fix Your Credit Consulting as a good option because they will only determine the fees for credit repair services once the assessment of work needed to be done is already established. A customized fee is determined based on the actual needs and situation.

The drawback with Fix Your Credit Consulting is that they are not BBB accredited as of this writing. If this is an essential factor for you, then it would be best to check out the other options mentioned above.


  • Fees Based On Actual Needs Only
  • Certified Professionals


  • Not BBB accredited (as of this writing)

To get started with Fix Your Credit Consulting, you can sign up for their free consultation online.

4. American Credit – Best for Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification

American Credit was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. The company has expert analysts who specialize in assessing credit reports and identifying misleading information. We chose American Credit as the best for fair credit reporting act certification because they specialize in the pre-litigation process and can take legal action against creditors who report erroneous information to the different credit bureaus. Their staff also provides insights on proper management of finances in order to prevent bankruptcy, repossessions, and foreclosures that affect credit reports negatively.

American Credit also has some drawbacks with their guarantee and their accreditation status with the BBB.


  • Flexible and Responsive
  • Specialize in Fair Credit Reporting Act


  • Questionable Guarantee
  • Not BBB Accredited (as of this writing)

To get started with American Credit, check out their site and avail of their free consultation.

5. Sky Blue – Best Value

Sky Blue is a credit repair company that we found as the best value for your money. They have a $79 setup fee and their monthly fees are also only $79. Unlike other credit repair companies, their fees are quite lower than usual while offering a 90-day money-back guarantee along with it. In addition, there are also no cancellation charges if ever you intend to cancel. Their services are available nationwide and that’s why they are included in this post. When you take a look at their rates, without a doubt, they have one of the most affordable plans available today. Sky Blue has made credit repair service as their primary service. Thus, there are no extra services included to raise their price, unlike other credit repair companies. The best offer from Sky Blue is that you can pause your use of their service if ever you need to for such reasons as budget or if you want to take a break. All it needs is a click of a button.

One drawback about Sky Blue is that they are not accredited with the BBB. Another point to ponder on is their lack of legal staff. It would still be best when a credit repair company is backed up by legal personnel.


  • You Pay Only If they Can Help
  • 90-Day Guarantee


  • Not accredited with the BBB
  • Lacks Legal Staff

To get started with Sky Blue, you can check out their site and sign up for their free consultation online.

6. Lexington Law – Most Experienced

Lexington Law is one of the most experienced credit repair companies in California and also in the whole United States. They definitely know what they are doing as they had been working on credit repair for decades. The company has been around longer compared to other credit repair services in California. With this experience comes the expertise in working on how to repair credit the best possible way. The longevity of the company also backs up the claim as a reliable credit repair company. When it comes to pricing, their rate starts at $89.95.

The baffling thing about Lexington Law is that they are not accredited with the BBB (as of this writing) despite their years in the business.


  • Well-Established Company
  • Longevity and Popularity


  • Not BBB Accredited (as of this writing)

To get started with Lexington Law, you can visit their site and discover their offers.

FAQs About Credit Repair Services in California

Is credit repair legal in California?

Yes. Under California law, credit repair is legal. The important thing to consider though is that all credit repair companies should abide by the laws stated under the California civil code. Under the California Credit Services Act, the state has the right to oversee these credit repair companies. This act was written way back 1984 and no further update has been made since then. Both state and federal laws govern the Golden State’s credit repair services. The two major federal laws that are tied up with this are the Credit Repair Organizations Act, 1996, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 1970. Clients should be aware of these essential laws so that they can determine which companies are truly legit and to avoid potential scams.

What was the Credit Services Act of 1984?

This was enacted by the legislature of California to protect consumers from deceptive practices that credit repair companies might perform. This act also requires credit service companies to acquire a valid certificate of registration from the Department of Justice.

What are the prohibited activities of credit repair companies in California?

  • Credit repair companies in California are not allowed to charge or acquire money before providing full service as agreed with a client.
  • Credit repair companies in California are prohibited from charging or receiving money for referring a client to a credit grantor that extends credit to the actual client with the same terms as could be acquired by the client on their own.
  • California credit repair companies cannot refer a client to a credit grantor related to the CSO by common ownership, control, or management.
  • They cannot advise their clients to make misleading or untrue statements to any creditor or credit reporting agency.
  • These companies are also prohibited to advise or assist to remove any adverse information that is truly accurate.
  • They are not allowed to assist, advise or create a new credit record under a different name, social security number, employee identification number or address.
  • These credit repair companies are also prohibited to submit a dispute to a creditor or credit reporting agency without informing the actual client. Basically, they are not allowed to represent a client to a creditor/s without proper authorization.
  • Credit repair companies in California are not allowed to make misleading representation to a certain client. This includes the extension of credit or guaranteeing the deletion of an adverse credit item.

How can I get a free credit report in California?

Everyone in the state of California can obtain an annual credit report for free.

What are the best credit repair companies in San Francisco?

The best credit repair services in San Francisco are the following:

  • Credit Saint
  • 760 Credit
  • American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc
  • ASAP Credit Repair
  • Credit Advisors Council
  • Credit Repair Today
  • E-Fix Credit Solutions

What are the best credit repair companies in Los Angeles?

The best credit repair companies in LA are the following:

  • Credit Saint
  • Financial Counseling Center
  • American Credit
  • Credit Fix Now
  • Credit Repair Los Angeles Raise UP
  • Crofton Financial Group
  • THD Credit Counseling
  • TheCr.Pros
  • UCES Protection Plan.

What are the best credit repair companies in San Diego?

If you are looking for the best credit repair companies in San Diego, check out the following:

  • Credit Saint
  • Fix Your Credit Consulting
  • Jenn Financial Solutions
  • Credit Cleaner
  • Baby Boomers Financial
  • bSquared Credit
  • ERA Credit Services
  • Debt Relief Network
  • My Big Debt
  • My Credit Repair USA
  • San Diego Credit Solutions
  • San Diego Credit Repair Company
  • Shoreline Credit Repair
  • Oryzon Credit.

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