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Why is Credit Counseling Important?


You are all thrilled to work in your desired company for a fair amount of money and starts dreaming about savings, investment, and purchasing credit cards. It will be not late seeing yourself relaxing in your armchair retiring with good investment and savings in your IRA. But, of all these dreams to happen, you should think about the money and a certain percentage you are willing to spend on each platform. You may have all graphed and charted out in your mind, but don’t know how to chart in and make it work. This is where credit counsellors show their face. You may ask who credit counsellors are and what do they do. They are people who have put up several organizations providing their numerous services to help those in needs with all kind of financial counselling.

What do they do? They educate, provide various information on your queries, they assure you get the right financial solutions by charting out your budget, and debts, and lastly they find an overall solution to your problems and issues. The professional credit counsellors analyze your situation and help you to achieve proper solutions.

Some other things the counsellors might do are that they will help you to solve the issue by looking at the credit reports and scores. There are counsellors who give you segments and classes for money and some for free. Having said that, in the following article we would see some of the best counselling services of this year. With economy and society abolishing the social and financial status of each person during these challenging times, especially during the coronavirus breakout, to remain in senses and to make proper financial decisions you may need one counsellor. Without much ado, let us dive right into the article.

GreenPath Financial Wellness

The first financial counsellor or credit counsellor is none other than this reputed services having more than 60 years is many of the services and platforms like managing the debt and other credit challenges. The organization and its services have A+ rating that is provided by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There are a lot of families and individuals who tend to look upon this service due to many reasons and one of the main reasons for having a great and long history in the debit counselling field. Apart from the credit counselling, the service and the organization, named GreenPath Financial Wellness provides better counselling for students loan counselling. Other than these, the service also provides counselling for Debt Management, Housing Services, and lastly Bankruptcy Services.


Cambridge Credit

The second most awarded and recommended in the services and management is none other than the Cambridge Credit services. The services offered by the services include credit, housing, bankruptcy, and student loan counselling. The company also has got many accreditation and honours from various organizations and management like BBB and has an A+ rating with the organization. The service is also a member of the Financial Counseling Association of America and the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies. Apart from the services and credits offered by the organizations, it also provides articles, videos, guidebooks, and worksheets. The services are famous in between many people and families.


The third most recommended services are the credit counselling offered by the Apprisen. Economy Budget Service Company, the former names of Apprisen is apt for the people who look for accurate guidance and education from how to navigate through their debts and budget management. The company has also titled itself by BBB and has an A+ rating. The service organization offers a minimum fee and set up for the people who come there for counselling. The company and its counsellors provide some of the best services, including credit counselling services, debt management and financial health plans as well as health, student, housing, and bankruptcy counselling. The services are also favoured by the people who look for analysis and counselling for housing loan and agencies.

InCharge Debt Solutions

The fourth famous services offered to the customers are InCharge Debt Solutions. The player in the market provides counselling in various stages, especially in credit counselling services, debt management and consolidation programs. Apart from that, the services also offer solutions for the people who look for housing and student loan counselling, and pre-file credit counselling and pre-discharge education for bankruptcy. The service has a special place and counselling section for educational resources and management, comprising of financial calculators, e-books, and much other technology-driven workshops and webinars for the students and the families who look for such counselling. The most exciting fact of these services is that it offers an app that can be incorporated and used in iOS or Android phone.


Clearpoint Credit Counseling

The fifth counselling services that focus on providing solutions for the financial and credit is the greatest Clearpoint Credit Counseling. The company was found in the year 1964 and ever since the service has proven to be the greatest service management centres that offers enough counselling for the people who are in need of credit counselling. The service organizations titled by BBB has an A+ ranking. Chris Honenberger is the present CEO of the company he and the staff under him has an open and crisp evaluation in management if credit credibility on financial education and lastly managing money. The service is famous for offering the best Housing Services and Bankruptcy Services.

Consolidated Credit

The next credit service offered to the customers is none other than the Gary Herman’s Consolidated Credit. The management was inaugurated in the year 1993, and provides a platform of the people who are in need of the outstanding credit counselling. The service management offers a lot of webinars and tools for the people those who require counselling related to financial abilities. The service agency also provides plenty of spaces and counselling and gives particular importance to military service members to engage in the financial and families to take better care of.

American Consumer Credit Counseling

The seventh one on the list is none other than the great American Consumer Credit Counseling, where the agency was modelled in the year 1991 and had locations over the globe, specifically around the 14 countries. The counselling organization has titled itself with BBB and has an A+ rating. The most peculiar fact about the agency is that it offers a number of services like financial calculators, videos, and educational resources on specific topics. Apart from that, the agency also provides budgeting platform, retirement plans and other financial related issues to the people and veterans.

Money Management International

The eighth and the last one on the list is the greatest Money Management International. Just like any other on the list, this agency also offers services and financial counselling to those in need. The service provides space and financial guidance mainly on budget, pay off debt, and avoid foreclosure. The service has undergone a program on advising and providing the benefits to the people on Project Porchlight.

What Does Credit Counseling Exclude?

This is another famous question raised by many people when mentioning credit counselling. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the credit counselling services offers plenty of services specially related to the financial counselling. These organizations are nonprofit agencies that help its clients and other customers to find solutions for their financial complications.

Credit Counseling Cost and Fees

The next most raised question is none other than the fees and cost related to the credit counselling. Simply put, during the initial stages, the services and counselling agencies do not take any fees or cost for giving the education about the financial counselling. They keep a close eye on the client’s debt, budget, and other expenses. The rate can increase from $40 to $75 monthly. If you are a continuous visitor for advice and guidance, you can expect $200 and more.

Credit Counseling Excluded Topics and Service

The next most discussed topic is none other than the Credit Counseling Excluded services. By now, it is very evident that the financial counsellors look into your financial life and advice and guide you on the better financial steps one must undergo. They are only a mediator who helps you to take efficient measures. Apart from being a mediator, you cannot expect anything.

What to look for in a credit counselling company

There are many things you may need to look while managing the finances and credits. Some of the most looked upon things, and matters on a credit counselling company are:

  1. A nonprofit agency: you must keep an eye whether the platform and services offered by the agency is a nonprofit agency.
  1. Accredited with certified counsellors: the second most looked upon the matter is none other than the services, and the agencies must be credited and accredited with the certified counsellors.
  1. Services offered: keep an eye on the services offered by the agency. Have a clear picture on what your needs are check whether your needs are met.
  2. Education: check whether the financial topics you want to learn and make sure to look at the financial              education.

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